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Genre Games  Casual  Puzzle 
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Developer Gamejam Co.
Price Free
Release Date 2019/12/26


Ready? Solve! Boost that BIG BRAIN IQ to the next dimension! IN 3D! With all of the top games… in 1 game!

Slice, save, rescue, eat, tattoo, paint, and solve your way to victory, through these MEGA fun-packed BIG BRAIN BOOSTING mini game challenges!

Get smart in 3D! Join Bob, and the duck as the make their way through IQ tingling brain puzzle mini-games!

- Top games!
- Donuts, ducks, and danger!
- Bob!
- Stencil Painting!
- Swords!
- House Paint!
- Ink your Friends!
- Nail Painting!
- Mental stimulation for your IQ!

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