Table of Contents
  • What is GAZ?
  • About the editor
  • Prohibited matter
  • Other
What is GAZ?

Description of GAZ

                 GAZ is a Wiki-type game capture site.
                 Anyone can create and edit menus/pages like Wiki.
About the editor

* Some features are not available for smartphones. please note that.

                I want to put an image on the


                1.   Press the Select file button to select an image.
                2.   Enter the width and height of the image.
                3.   Click the Upload Image button to upload the image.

I want to add a headline!

                  Select the part you want to make a headline, then press the “Format” button and select “Heading”.
                  At first glance, it's just bold, but when you post the page you can see that it looks like a headline.

I want to make a table!

                2.   The table setting screen will open. Let's specify the number of rows and columns. Press the OK button to create a table.

I want to color the table!

                1.   In the created table, select the cell you want to color, right-click and select Cell -> Cell Properties .
                2.   The Cell Properties screen will open. Press the Select Color button for the Background Color item.
                3. Select a color and press the OK button. You can also color cells by pressing the OK button on the Cell Properties screen.
                I want to paste


                1. Click the button with the text you want to paste the link selected.
                2.   The Hyperlink screen will open. Select the protocol, enter the URL and press the OK button. A link is made to the character.

I want to paste YOUTUBE video!

                2.   Attach the embed code and press the OK button to paste the video.

I want to thicken the letters!

                1.   Select the text you want to thicken and press button to make the text thicker.

I want to add color to characters!

                1.   Select the text you want to color and press button.
                2.   Select a color and the text will be colored.
Prohibited matters

Are there any prohibited items?

                The following acts are strictly prohibited:
                    ・ Repeat create and update meaningless pages.
                    ・ Repeatedly open pages for the purpose of increasing the number of browsing .
                    ・ Write adult-related pages.

Tell me how to register users

                1.   [ User Registration ] button The
                2.   Enter your username, password, email address, etc.
                3.   [ Register ] button.
                4.   A registration email will be sent to the email address you entered.
                5.   Please enter the URL of the registration email. Registration is complete.

Where do you log in?

                1.   [ Login ] button.
                2.   Please enter your username or email address and password.
                3.   [ Login ] button.

Where is my page?

                After logging in, it will appear in the upper right corner of the screen                 

Tell me about time zones!

                The time zone is set based on the theme language.
                If you want to change the time zone, create a user and set an appropriate time zone.