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Genre Indie  RPG  Strategy 
Release Date Coming soon


Rats in a Cage is a corporate satire puzzle game. As a typical corporate rat, you manipulate your coworkers with coffee and gossip and take credit for their work in order to beat every level of a skill assessment test which is controlled by a rude AI that goes beyond the game window to stop you.


In a series of single-room puzzles created by the AI, both your intellect and your morality will be tested. As a typical corporate rat, you will take advantage of your coworkers, manipulate and sacrifice them for your own gain, take credit for their work and lose all your remaining dignity to get to job you want. Coffee will naturally play an important role in this game within a game as well as gossips, air conditioning and more. Who knows? Maybe you will even attend one of those endless meetings or climb the corporate ladder by sucking up to your boss. Just like in any corporation, you’ll have to endure a lot.

Use coffee to manipulate your coworkers

In the life of every corporate rat, there is nothing more important than coffee! Whenever your coworkers have a chance to get one, they will run towards it. You can make them go wherever you want by giving them access to coffee.

Get rid of your responsibility

Too many emails in your inbox? Yeah, we have been there. Postponing work that is standing in your way is always a viable option. You can pretend you have never received an important email, assign it to someone else or act like you just don’t give a damn.

Spread gossips to lure your coworkers anywhere

Who doesn't love juicy gossip in the office, right? Everyone wants to know who is getting fired and who is having a romance. Similarly to coffee, you can manipulate the path of your coworkers by spreading gossip, but this time you can place them anywhere!

Choose your path and convince your boss to promote you to unlock next floor

Just remember: no promotion goes without a strong dose of humiliation.

Don't be naughty to plants!

Solve intermezzo daily corporate problems like people hiding in the toilet or neverending meetings

Don't cheat! The AI won't be fooled!


  • Turning an air condition on/off to lure your coworkers
  • Stealing your coworkers' work to suck up to your boss
  • Luring coworkers into a trap
  • Stabbing your coworkers in the back to move up the corporate ladder
  • And much more...


You applied for a job in a corporation. Due to a large number of applicants, the suitable candidates will be sorted by an entry test, which is designed and controlled by a rude AI that will creaate a unique relationship with you and use unorthodox ways to discourage you from completing the test.

Key Features

  • 60 puzzles and 5 riddles
  • Gameplay mechanics that go beyond the game window
  • Love-hate relationship between the game and its player
  • Absurd world of corporate bull**itting and sucking up
  • Game within a game that will melt your brain
  • 4+ hours of playtime
  • Ridiculous achievements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024x768 High Color +
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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